Bathroom tiles already look dull and boring? Don’t worry. This paper will help you to find tile designs that are suitable for bathrooms. Over time, the function of the bathroom which is only used for bathing and changing clothes has changed. Now, the bathroom is also often used as a place to pamper yourself. For example, linger pampering in the bathtub with aromatherapy candles after a tiring day. Therefore, choosing the right tile can certainly bring a comfortable, win, and even luxurious atmosphere. When it comes to cleaning tiles, you can count on carpet cleaning sydney.

Here is some tile inspiration that can be applied in the bathroom.

1. Motif Fish Scale
This tile motif resembling fish scales comes from Victorian architecture. If you apply it to the wall, try to choose a different motif on the floor so that the bathroom look looks more eye-catching. Choose pastel color if you want to give a comfortable impression to the bathroom.

2. Chevron or Zigzag motifs
The application of minimalist bathroom tile motifs on this one will give a unique look to the bathroom. Usually, the chevron motif consists of two colors. So that it’s not too flashy, choose a different color for other tile motifs. A relaxed color selection like gray will make the bathroom look more elegant.

3. Wood Motifs
Nowadays, there are many tile manufacturers that present waterproof wood motifs. This bathroom tile motif is suitable for you who like the rustic style. For safety reasons, also make sure to coat the tile in a wet area with an anti-slip coating for safe use. The look of the bathroom with this motif will give a warm impression that will make you feel at home in the bathroom.

4. Plain Motives
For those of you who carry a minimalist theme, plain bathroom tile motifs will fit in perfectly with that concept. If you want to add a little variation, play with simple patterns like lines. In addition, choose a relaxed color such as beige and white. By prioritizing less is more, the look of your bathroom will look more spacious and attractive.

5. Typical Middle Eastern Motives
Middle eastern motifs are very suitable to be used as accents in the bathroom. If you put up too many Middle Eastern motifs, the bathroom will feel too crowded. Therefore only apply this motif on some sides of the wall or in the middle so that the resulting display is more leverage.

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