The construction part of a building such as the foundation has an important role in supporting a building so that it can stand strong and of course the foundation is the resilience of a building. So when you choose the type of foundation, make sure you choose the one that suits your building needs. As for one of the foundation models that are often used in the construction sector, piles consist of each sheet piling. Piles have an important role to carry the load from a building that is located deep in the ground. Pile foundations by CMI LCĀ  consisting of several types, of course, will have different qualities, advantages, and disadvantages in each type of material used.

As for the use of the pile foundation, it is not only on building supports but also there are other uses that you need to know such as being able to control vibration on a foundation. by compacting the part of the soil that is under the foundation, will be able to control the vibration amplitude as well as the effect of the driving machine. The second use of pile foundations is that they can be a source of additional security when these piles are used as bridge supports which will minimize or avoid erosion. While the third use of the pile foundation when used in offshore construction, the pile will function to drain the load from the water surface into the water and to the ground floor. The last use is that it can improve buildings from various types of damage.

Simplified, these piles are part of a good foundation for a building. Especially for piles made of concrete and steel. Both types of pile materials are strong enough to support heavy loads. Moreover, to be used as a dock construction, choosing steel piles is the right decision.