Feeling tired and lost focus when working? Maybe you are under stress. Stress due to workloads that accumulate, overtime every night, high demands on the company’s targets, to arguing with superiors and colleagues. If not treated immediately, stress will rise to a level of depression. What you need is peace of mind. You can do a variety of positive activities to calm the mind. However, if you cannot do anything else because the stress has peaked, you better make an homepage and ask the right person.

Stress is a condition that occurs in a person’s psychological and physical as a result of pressure. Usually, it often happens to workers, especially for employees who have to work under pressure.

Do not underestimate stress because this disease has entered the category of mental disorders. Stress due to work not only has a negative impact on you as an employee, but it also disrupts the company’s business. When you are stressed, the escape can vary. From starting to food, exercise, to those leading to negative behaviors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and drugs.
Job stress can be identified from the following symptoms or signs:

1. Difficult to Communicate
When you are stressed by work, you are very lazy to talk with your boss or colleagues. Lips feel heavy saying. It’s like losing your mood and enthusiasm for communication. As a result, you are just silent, without a word.

Even when I have to talk, it’s only necessary. Even then, if still connected. Because when you are stressed, your lips, heart, and mind are out of sync. So it could be between you and your coworkers or your boss a misunderstanding that results in conflict.

2. Loss of focus or concentration
Other features of stress due to work are difficult to concentrate on. You have lost the passion to do office work. There is no more enthusiasm for working. Eyes and hands try to keep working to fulfill obligations, but the heart and mind go nowhere.

Even a simple job or task is difficult. Your productivity is disrupted, slow, and most likely you will make mistakes while working. Everything is a mess, the boss is angry because of decreased performance, and eventually, you get sprayed, even threatened with losing your job.

3. Like to Come Late or Not Entering the Office
When stress comes, you become lazy to go to the office. You no longer arrive at the office on time. For example, coming in at 8 am, you only arrived at the office at 11 with the reason there is business. Likewise the next day. You will find a thousand reasons to come late. If the reason is up, you will use the sick permit ration.