When looking for a place to stay, you might find a choice of living in a condo or apartment, right? You will always preview the same thing, starting from the price, size, facilities, developer policy, location and more about both of them. You can differentiate between RoyalGreen Condo and how apartments will operate your living arrangements as well. Here are you can know information about it.

Differences Living in RoyalGreen Condo than Apartment

1. Ownership

Living in RoyalGreen condo is the best solution for you who love freedom because not everyone has to hold all the same rules and you can choose at the other options of the owner who willing to rent to you. Then, the apartment will hold the same rules and property managers have the authority to resolve each dispute as well.

2. Maintenance

The other difference between living in RoyalGreen condo and apartment is about the maintenance. The apartment will have their staff to handle, so you have to pay the bill of maintenance regularly every month whether you use their services or not. Then, in a condo, you only contact the owner directly if it has any damages. You can also contact an outside vendor to work in early scheduling.

3. Management

If you like freedom, living in a condo is the best choice. The condos will be managed by individuals who own condos, so there will be no strict rules for living. Then, the apartment buildings are managed by professional companies that will handle all of the problems there.

That’s all the difference between living in RoyalGreen Condo than another apartment. You can know that living in a condo is the best choice for your life, right? But make sure to do a survey and hopefully, this information will be useful for you who still confused about both of them.